There is some sense of freedom you get to enjoy when you own your car. Getting from one place to another will be made easier because you experience no limitations, which is the case when using public transportation. You will have an easy time running your errands and traveling to different places. Owning a vehicle also requires one to be very responsible. You have to take good care of it so that it can serve you for an extended period.

Care and maintenance is determined by how you drive it and how you observe different practices that ensure it is in an ideal state all the time. Vehicles will come with a warranty that can take care of some of its parts. You will get free repairs or replacements if they get damaged before your warranty period is over. Warranty is different from insurance in that it covers for little damages while insurance caters for high magnitude damages like car accidents.

Several companies are offering these warranties. An extended car warranty is another type you can get. It is a type of warranty that means your vehicle will continue to be serviced even after the expiry period of your warranty. When choosing one, you should consider the coverage. Go for one with an extended coverage. Also, look for a highly reputable company. There are several things you should know about an extended car warranty.


It is important to understand what an extended car warranty covers. We have seen how different they are from insurance because they only deal with some of the damaged parts in your vehicle. You should not confuse the two. Getting sorted out in case of an accident can be difficult if you only subscribe to an extended warranty.


It is good to understand the terms of your warranty. You will not have repairs done on your vehicle or some of its parts if you breach some of the conditions. A good example is when your engine gets damaged after exceeding a set number of miles. Always be careful on this if you want to use your extended warranty as required.

Period of Coverage

Extended warranties are entirely different from the regular ones that have their set period. According to most agreements, you will continue to enjoy it for some specified period even after the original warranty has expired. This usually depends on the set agreement. Understand the terms of your warranty better to enjoy your coverage period.